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Company Stainless-Plex Bis Sp. z oo continues for more than 30-year tradition in the production of plastic products. We have machinery based on injection molding machines Krauss Maffei and Battenfeld about 25-500 tons of clamping force.

We produce spare parts for various industries at home and abroad of raw materials such as photos
ABS, PS, PMMA, POM, PP, ABS-PC, SAN, PA6.6 and others.

We have built a company that can meet any challenge in the field of plastics processing, and gained experience, modern machinery and certificates of quality pays off in the eyes of customers and employees.

We have warehouses at approx. 300m pallet assembly hall and silkscreen printing equipped and tamponiarka for marking details.

We have our own transport and logistics experience in domestic and foreign.

In order to further development of the company's plan to purchase modern injection molding machines up to 600 tons of clamping force and the introduction of the system in order to meet the expectations of IML clients. By inviting we are sure that we meet all your criteria for quality, timeliness and reliability of contracts undertaken.

Stal-Plex Bis Sp. z o.o.